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Our Vision

Pastoral Ministry could be described as that situation which accommodates the collaboration of dedicated people within the church responding to the spiritual as well as their social and physical needs of the people in the local community. 


Our Aim

The aim of the Pastoral committee is to embrace the diversity and mission statement of Trinity Church in growing our Pastoral Ministry.


Our Objectives

Our objectives are SMART. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Timely) 

Each member of the team will take on the responsibility of given areas of the Pastoral Work.


Improve Communication and Presence

  • Improving our role as a welcoming team at services and other events including presence of team members at other services. e.g. 11.00 am.

  • Continue effective communications first and foremost within the team and within Trinity Church.


Pastoral Events

  • Continue recognising Pastoral Week with events including Golden Years party.

  • Continue to promote and support the annual service of Thanksgiving and Remembrance.

  • Promote the Annual service of Remembrance and Thanksgiving within the Church.

  • Continue to set up Light of Life Tree.


Supporting the Community

  • Set up a Diabetic support group.

  • To continue supporting others by sending pastoral cards.

  • Support the work and life at Trinity whereby we use our God given gifts effectively.


Pastoral Team Support

  • To offer support within the team.

  • To support the Elders and Pastoral Visitors in home and hospital visiting.

  • Arrange a pastoral training day.



The Team

Oma Ramroop

Pauline Curry

Karen Ayton

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